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How To Use Cabergoline

What is Cabergoline?
CABERGOLINE (Dostinex) – Caber is a very potent Dopamine Agonist. It acts on dopamine receptors in the hypothalamus to suppress prolactin production in the pituitary gland. It is used for Hyperprolactinemia. (elevated levels of prolactin in blood) It is also used in treatment of Parkinsons Disease. Now Ill get deeper into what the hell all that means a little further on.

Half Life = 63-69 Hours. So I recommend to take Caber every third day. That’s at the far end of the range of its half life. Though this is what the dosing is for patients and studies that have been done and it works just fine. If you’re a stickler for dosing everything correctly I would obviously dose it every 2 and ½ days.

Taking your dose of Caber before bed. (with or without food) will minimize your experience of sides.

Documented Sides– (bad sides) Fatigue, nausea, dizziness, vertigo, headache, slightly abnormal vision, hot flashes. Now before you get all scared and think oh I cant take this. These sides were mostly reported when taking higher doses (1g+ a week) then we will be taking for our cycles. Also Caber has been found in some instances to increase the affects of Depression Medication. Word to the wise for those members using said meds.

Other Sides- (good sides) I have not come across any scientific studies documenting them but many users have reported are…Increased Sex Drive, Stronger Erections, More Powerful Orgasms, Taking Less Time to Achieve A Full Erection after Ejactulation. And I will attest to the fact that those sides do happen. I have experienced all the “good sides” first hand. Also I have not experienced any of the “bad sides” ever.
There are even ppl who have been taking Caber only for the specific reason of the sexual sides. Now I of course do not condone this and would only recommend using Caber in conjuction with an AAS cycle.

Another big thing I have heard members cry about as a reason not to take Caber, is that it has been found to cause Heart Valve Damage. This is true but as I stated earlier, only at a lot higher doses (3mg/per day!!) then we will be using. So stop whining.

If for some reason you are prone to sides for any and everything, reducing your dose, while continuing the Caber will improve the severity of the sides. So basically if you experience a slight amount of sides at any given dose. Lower your dose until the sides fade but don’t stop using the caber! I would prefer some of the lesser sides of Caber to those of Tren and Deca any day.

How much Caber to use and when?
I prefer to use Caber while running any 19-Nor. (tren, deca) They affect the thyroid by lowering it (hypothyroidism) which causes the body to release more prolactin in the blood stream. (note- an overactive thyroid can cause elevated prolactin levels also) Prolactin at high levels has the affect of lowering sex drive and causing erectile dysfunction. We call it deca and fina dick. And from first hand experience, deca dick is not fun!! Tren is also a Progestin, it bonds to the receptor of the female sex hormone Progesterone. Which is responsible for preparing the body for milk production. I.E. By raising prolactin. So in order to avoid all that. Its best to run Caber from the very beginning of the cycle. I even prefer to run it into PCT for an extra boost.

STARTING DOSE OF CABERGOLINE – Beginning dose of Caber for use on cycle would be .25mg taken twice a week. For a total of .50 mg a week. Notice the point in front of the 25. Its not 25mg!! Its .25mg
This dose is usually enough for an 8 week Tren cycle. If your prone to sides, running deca/tren E, or just running the Tren A longer. Then take the .50 mg/per week for 4 weeks and then bump it up another .25mg a week. For a total of .75mg per week. If sides from the gear are very bad, you can even bump it up to a total of 1mg a week. You can continue to up your dose (only if your experiencing sides from Tren/Deca) of the Caber every 4 weeks until you have reached a maximum dose of 1mg twice a week or 2mg per week. But there is no reason to go no where near that high. If your still experiencing sides at 1mg/per week then your Caber is bunk or there is more serious underlying causes at work.
I was taking .5mg/p/w of Caber during a cycle with high doses of Tren. I actually didn’t have any fina dick problems but I did start Lactating! Yes my nipples were leaking. (its called Galactorrhea = lactation in the absence of nursing) lol So then I bumped up my dose to .50mg at 2 times a week (1mg/week) and the milk juice went away within a week. Other then that, I have had no problems and nothing but good experiences while taking Caber.

Now to give you an idea of the doses that are being taken by Parkinsons Disease and other Patients,
• Parkinson’s disease: Monotherapy: Initial dose should be 0.5 mg daily. The usual maintenance dose is 2 to 4 mg daily. Combination therapy: Usually 2 to 6 mg daily.
• Tumors of the pituitary gland and other hyperprolactinemic conditions: Initially 0.5 mg per week, slowly titrated to 4.5 mg per week, if necessary.
• Note – Caber is not approved in the U.S. for the treatment of Parkinsons.
You can see why they would experience the sides that I stated above. Since we are no where near those doses, we should not experience any sides other then the “good ones.”

Caber for PCT – Basically the same dosing as during cycle. I would go with a good dose of .50per/week to 1mg per/week. You are not taking the Caber during PCT for its affects on Prolactin because the use of it during cycle will negate any of the prolactin affects. I use caber during PCT to help with the lowered sex drive and slight decrease in the strength of your erections. It will give a little bump to your sex drive and give you slightly more powerful erections. During PCT while many experience depression and such, knowing that you can still get it nice and hard when you want is always a plus in my book. Since Caber is also known for helping prevent gyno. Theres another reason to use it during PCT. I run Caber during every PCT and have found that it does help a great deal.

A lot of ppl put off adding Caber to their cycles because of the price and availability of it. But if you have access to and can afford it. I highly recommend Caber as an addition to your cycle and PCT.

Knew I forgot something. If you do find liquid Caber… most liquid caber is known for losing its strength over a period of time. A month or so and the strength will slowly decrease. (dont know why, but i know from first hand experience) So if thats all you can obtain then you can use slightly higher dosing levels towards the end of the cycle/PCT. To make up for the loss of the compounds strength. But dont go crazy.

*Caber is associated with the above noted side affects. Though those sides are less common and less severe then sides experienced while using Bromocriptine. For the record.
Written by Dukkit

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Growth Hormone Peptides

The smallest unit of Protein is an amino acid. Amino acids can be double bonded, triple bonded, and a chain of amino acids. Peptides are a short chain of amino acids linked by peptide bonds. Peptides have acute affect on skin, metabolism, IGF levels, and protein synthesis. For sakes of keeping this discussion to HGH increasing peptides I will not cover the other peptides that are less relevant, and don’t have enough studies to base a solid case on the factors that increase IGF levels.

There are two peptide types that are used to increase Human Growth Hormone Levels and one of them is called GHRH, or Growth Hormone Releasing Hormone. The other type of peptide is called GHRP, or Growth Hormone Releasing Hexapeptide. We are going to summarize these peptides in the most basic terms to avoid confusing people who are interested in using them. There are about 6 peptides that we can group in these two categories, and we will discuss which one may be right for your goals.

Peptide CJC-1295 and IGF-MOD 1-29 are two of the most used GHRH. CJC-1295 has a 7-8 day half life, and IGF-MOD 1-29 has a 30 minute half life. Their actions are almost the same and their preference may be based on frequency of injections, or factual information that may benefits its usage. We have to understand a few things about Natural HGH, and that Natural HGH functions in a pulsatile manner. The pulses communicate information to the cells, in which that information in within the cells mediates events such as protein synthesis, metabolism,collagen synthesis, and IGF levels. CJC-1295 which is a GHRH does not increase the pulses but the HGH base levels. GHRH while effective on their own may lessen their benefits in the presence of higher levels of Somatostatin. In a way what actually matters is the free GH levels if you want to look at things with a more logical perspective. There are some other factors to think about. The moment that levels of the HGH Inhibitor known as Somatostatin increase, HGH cannot be released. So understanding the role that Somatostatin has on Human Growth Hormone is very important. With that said, CJC-1295 signals the release of HGH once the levels of Somatostatin decrease. In terms of understanding HGH, our body doesn’t always release HGH but the most predictable times are normally during sleep (2-3 hours), post work-out, and early in the morning.

The other GHRH is IGF-MOD 1-29. It has a 30 minute half life, and for that reason it has to be dosed 3 times a day minimum to get the best results. A couple of things to keep in mind with IGF-MOD 1-29 is that you must follow a proper dietary protocol. Carbohydrates blunt the release of HGH, and for that reason waiting 30 minutes to 60 minutes after dosing is a must. And also waiting 2 hours after your eat prior to dosing is important. People will look at the half life benefit of CJC-1295 and may think that is superior but they have to look at a couple of facts. The constant low release of HGH (sometimes refer to as bleed) will have an effect on the Somatotrophs, or the growth hormone releasing cells. The effect will be a negative one and is mainly because the Somatotrophs won’t communicate properly due to the cells being overworked which will cause the HGH pulses to be less effective when created. Keep in mind that GHRH doesn’t create pulses but it increases them when there are pulses present. With that said, IGF-MOD 1-29 is preferable for body composition purposes because it responds better by our body, and is more effective over a long period of time. If people are set in using CJC-1295 then they can experiment at least by discontinuing its usage for a period of time.

Dosing on specific peptides alone have lesser benefits, and dosing GHRH peptides alone still give you good benefits but they give you an even better synergistic benefit when you dose them with any of the types of GHRP peptides. We can discuss what GHRP does but is most useful role in my opinion is suppressing the actions of Somatostatin (HGH inhibitor). GHRH can cause a pulse alone but if Somatostatin is present then it won’t be effective; however GHRP creates a pulse but this pulse is not a very effective alone. There are 4 types of GHRP Peptides found and each of them have different actions. The most common GHRP used is GHRP-6, and is one of the most potent ones. One of the side effects of GHRP-6 is that it increases appetite which is something people will find useful. Then there is Hexarelin, which is the most potent GHRP, and doesn’t have the hunger side effect that GHRP-6 has. The two other GHRP types are Ipamorelin, and GHRP-2 which are the less potent ones. GHRP-6 and Hexarelin are the most potent ones but the ones that are more prone to desensitization during longer period of times, and higher dosages. The good thing about the GHRP-6 and Hexarelin peptides is that there is no need to dose beyond 100 mcg to 150 mcg since these are the doses where saturation is reached. The other peptides, Ipamorelin and GHRP-2 have shown no desensitization when taken on longer periods,and at higher dosages. They are actually more favorable to use over long periods of times, and at higher dosages.

Since we learned quite a lot about how these peptides work we can actually come to a really good conclusion in terms of increasing your own HGH natural levels, if you combine both GHRH and GHRP then not only is a pulse going to be created but the pulses will also increase vastly enough to affect the actions or benefits of higher HGH levels such as an increase in lean mass, decrease in fat loss, metabolism, elevated protein synthesis, collagen synthesis, increase in bone density, improved sleep, recovery, repair, and increases in IGF levels. I have listed a chart for the convenience of others. I don’t encourage the use of peptides below the age of 21. Follow at your own risk for you deem yourself fully responsible for your own use of peptides. I encourage people to do their own research and come to their own conclusions based on the behavior of peptides from a molecular level.

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