GH bleed from cjc 1295 is a myth

IMO GH bleed from cjc 1295 is a myth started by a certain peptide dist. who didn’t have the dac version available for sale. There is a feedback loop which prevents the so called gh bleed when using cjc with dac, you still maintain release in pulses. Everyone that I know who has used the dac version as well as the non dac version, prefers the results from the dac version.

This was posted on with a number of studies backing it up. It explains why we don’t experience gh bleed.

First its important to understand how GH surges work. Pay especial attention to Somatostatin.

When a secretagogue of GH, such as GHRH, Ghrelin, Hexarelin, or CJC-1295, signals the GHSR it causes the pituitary to release HGH, IF, Somatostatin levels are low enough to allow it. Once a surge of GH is released, Somatostatin levels will rise up again, thus even if something is binding to the GHSR, it CANNOT signal the release of GH because Somatostatin levels are too high.

Somatostatin is what controls the negative feedback mechanisms of GH release in the pituitary. After a surge of GH is released from a secretagogue wether natural or man-made, Somatostatin levels will rise, preventing further GH release until the GH levels decrease, at which point the ultra-short feedback mechanisms of the hypothalamus-pituitary-axis (HPA) kick in and cause Somatostatin levels to decrease.

The moment somatostatin levels decrease sufficiently, more GH can be released. However under natural conditions, there wont be sufficient GHRH remaining at the GHSR to cause more GH release once Somatostatin levels decrease. Because GHRH is also released in surges, and only lasts 7 minutes upon its circulating release.

However because CJC-1295 lasts 24 hours a day for 8-10 days, its ALWAYS at the GHSR, so the moment somatostatin levels decrease enough, another surge of GH will happen because CJC-1295 is there binding to the GHSR’s. Therefore under natural endocrine system, you’d get lets say 5 surges of GH a day. Whereas with CJC-1295, youd get lets say 15 surges of GH a day.

So whats the obvious limiters of GH release?? Well first, is the duration of GHRH or whatever GHS is signaling the release. This has been overcome with CJC-1295.
This refers to the dac version.

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