Take your total weight (1)145 lbs. (2)200 lbs. (3)250 lbs.
Multiply that number by 0.45 (1)65.20 (2)90 (3)112.2
Multiply that number by 0.03 (1)1.96 (2)2.7 (3)3.37
Divide this number by 7 (1).28 (2).385 (3).48
This is the mg / day to dose that
correlates to our program Levels
Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
To convert to IU’s multiply by 3 (1)0.8 I.U. (2)1.2 I.U. (3)1.5 I.U

You may wish to adjust based on your weekly exercise routine or goals
Example: A 200 pound male on an extensive 4 day a week weight lifting program; His base level is .4 mg per day or 1.2 IU’s per day. On this program he may wish to look at going up two levels to a Level 4 due to the physical training.

With HGH more is not always better. The goal is to get the maximum benefit with the least amount. In the first 3 to 6 months you want to take as per the guidelines above. After your body IGF levels have risen you may want to reduce the intake to where you see no degradation in your body.
This reduces your intake to the appropriate maintenance level and will save you money.

Level 1 -recommended for men and women on little or limited exercise program of 0-1 workouts per week.

Level 2 -recommeded for men and women on moderate exercise programs of 1-3 workouts per week.

Level 3 -recommeded for men and women on mid-range program of 2-3 workouts per week.

Level 4 -recommeded for men and women on an extensive exercise programs of 3-4 workouts per week.

Levels 5 & 6 -recommeded for men and women on exercise programs of 5-6 workouts per week, or have a more severe HGH deficiency.

NOTE – Level 5 and Level 6 will enhance or speed up the effects of HGH. However side effects such as joint swelling and pain may occur. If so reduce by one level of skip some days. We are not offering medical advice and it is the responsibility of each individual to discuss with their physician.

Human Growth Hormone

Clinically, the following symptons have been observed from individuals who were hormone deficient.
The lower the level of your growth hormone, the more dramatic the symptoms
may be.

• SKIN Skin loses elasticity. Becomes thinner, sags, and wrinkled.
• ENERGY Loss of vigor and stamina.
• BONE Bones lose strength. Tendency toward osteoporosis.
• SEXUAL POWER Loss of sexual powers and libido.
• MUSCLE Muscles lose strength and mass.
• FAT Fat tissue increases and accumulates.
• MEMORY Memory begins to fade.
• HEART Heart muscle loses strength.
• KIDNEY Decreased kidney function.
• IMMUNE SYSTEM Decreased immunity and increased he****g time.
• HAIR Hair becomes thinner and loses color.
• CHOLESTEROL Increased cholesterol level.

While every Patient is Different Here’s What the Studies have Shown for a Typical HGH User.

Body fat loss – 82% improvement
Wrinkle Reduction – 61% improvement
Energy Level – 84% improvement
Muscle Strength – 88% improvement
Sexual Potency – 75% improvement
Emotional Stability – 67% improvement
Memory – 62% improvement
From the Rudman Study published in the New England Journal of Medicine.

HGH Programs and Pricing information

Human Growth Hormone (HGH) is one of the many endocrine hormones like estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, melatonin and DHEA that decline with age. While some of these hormones can be replaced to deter some of the effects of aging, HGH reaches far beyond the scope of any one of these hormones to not only slow biological aging, but to significantly reverse aging. Between the ages of 20 to 70, growth hormone levels in your body fall by more than 75%.

Growth hormone deficiency is associated with the following; a decrease in lean body mass, a decrease in bone density, a reduction in skin thickness, a reduction in a sense of well-being, a slowing in the rate of wound he****g, a lessening of immune responsiveness, and a reduction in aerobic capacity. In addition, GHD is associated with an increase in the following, all of which have been reduced in clinical trials of growth hormone: increases in (LDL) , increases in arteriosclerosis, increases in total body fat, and a general increase in hospitalization rate and sick days from work.

All of the symptoms of Growth Hormone Deficiency can be significantly reversed with replacement of human growth hormone.

Produced in the body by the pituitary gland, it’s what the name says: the hormone that makes us grow. Doctors began prescribing it about 35 years ago for children who were in need of a growth boost. It first was extracted from human cadavers then from cow carcasses. In 1985, San Francisco-based Genentech introduced one of the first bioengineered human growth hormones, Protopin. Now five drug companies sell HGH in the USA; top seller Genotropin, from Pharmacia & Upjohn, is the brand carried by Hormone Prescriptions Online.

What to Expect (I think this part is key, this is no wonder drug)
It typically takes six months of treatment to truly experience the benefit from Human Growth Hormone therapy. Individuals may see the following benefits each month as follows:

Month 1: Improved stamina, better and sounder sleep, more optimistic attitude, and an increase in energy.

Month 2: Improved muscle tone, enhanced sexual function, improved nail growth, improved skin tone, better digestion, increase in strength and beginning weight loss.

Month 3: Improved mental processes, muscle size increase, increase in sexual desire, greater body flexibility.

Month 4: General heightening of the first three results.

Month 5: Impressive weight loss and reduction in inches (greater body mass with reduction in adipose tissue), improved and thickened skin, greater skin elasticity, and improved hair appearance (i.e. healthier looking hair).

Month 6: Greatly reduced cellulite, improved eyesight, better emotional stability, stronger immune system with greater resistance to colds and flu, reduction in joint pain and soreness, greater exercise tolerance, in cholesterol (LDL) and triglycerides, and improved heart rate.
Individual improvements and results may differ.

Product Differences

Each of our products is known under the generic name of SOMATROPIN. Beware of fake products that will change this name slightly to trick you in believing they are real prescription HGH. Each of the products are bio identical to the 190 amino acids produced naturally by the body. We carry three of the four products approved and licensed by the FDA for use in the United States. The fourth product manufactured by Lilly is identical in the process and mixing as Saizen. Since Saizen is cheaper we chose to only carry Saizen.

All three brands are again identical and the price difference reflects the delivery process and ease of use.

Pre-Filled and Pre-Measured
Single Dose and Disposal
Less Waste
Room temperature Storage for Up to Three Months
Since Mixing at Time of Injection Some Believe that You Receive Fresher Higher Dose
Higher Price due to Delivery System
Can Not Change Dosage As You Are Locked In at Pre-Measured Value

NordiPen System
Pre-Filled, No Mixing
Dialable Dosing – Can Be adjusted Anytime
Sealed for Freshness
Less Waste
4 Week Product Stability
Needs refrigeration when used

Most Cost Effective of All Brands
Identical to Other Hormones
Need to Mix Solution for Each Bottle
Less Stable
Slightly Larger Gauge needle
Needs refrigeration After Opening

History of Human Growth Hormone
We are all looking for the “silver bullet”, “the big fix”, the “magic pill”, and the way to turn lead into gold, all of which is really about eternal youth. “How can I look fantastic without dragging myself to the gym to lift those stupid weights or without passing on that sixth piece of family size pizza with the thick crust, and extra sausage and cheese?” “Why do I eat less, work out longer, and still keep getting fat?” “Why can’t I wake up one morning without pain in every joint and muscle in my body?” “Why can’t I remember names and places like I used to?” “Why do I run out of steam in the middle of the afternoon?”

Then in 1989, there was a medical break through! A well-respected medical doctor, professor, researcher, endocrinologist by the name of Donald Rudman, at the University of Wisconsin was able to talk a group of elderly men into letting him inject genetically engineered human growth hormone (HGH) into their bodies for six months. He specifically instructed them not to exercise, not to stop drinking, not to stop smoking, not to diet or change anything about their life styles. The results were amazing. Rudman’s researchers reported gains in lean body mass, decreased body fat, and increased skin thickness. They concluded that, “It was as if they had become 10 to 15 years younger.” All of this was published in the medical world’s most prestigious journal, the New England Journal of Medicine.

Was this the magic bullet? We know that it is HGH that gives teenagers the capacity to consume burgers, fries, malts, onion rings, donuts, cake, pizza, and keep right on getting leaner, meaner and keener. It is HGH that builds lean body mass, burns fat, and supports the immune system. It is HGH that begins to disappear after the childbearing years at around the age of 30 to 35. As the HGH diminishes, we are left at the mercy of all those calories and carbohydrates that have been waiting for the chance to turn us into defenseless, bulbous, blimps.

We also know that the devastating effects of severely deficient HGH have been well established in documented case histories of patients with tumors, trauma, or birth defects of the pituitary, the brain’s master gland of hormone production. Obesity, muscle wasting, reduced immunity, and premature death characterizes these unfortunate hormone deprived individuals.

In healthy people, the cells that produce HGH can continue to manufacture high levels of this valuable hormone well beyond our most advanced years. Ah, but there is the rub. Something in the body’s internal clockwork slowly shuts down the release of HGH, like the handle on a faucet slowly choking off the flow. Could this be the silver mine for the magic bullets that we had all been looking for? It was Rudman’s curiosity about the effects of HGH on aging, that led to the conclusion that of all the hormones, the singular hormone that comes closest to reversing the aging process (the silver bullet?) is HGH.

In 1990, HGH was used for children who failed to mature in accordance with the normal growth curve, not adults. The FDA had not approved it for adults unless they were severely damaged by disease, tumor or trauma. Rumor has it that if you were a movie star or a jet set billionaire you could get HGH shots in Europe in those days.

In late 1996, by then the FDA approved HGH in response to the AIDs epidemic. Since AIDs was a wasting disease and HGH was a natural anabolic steroid that could build muscle it seemed a natural solution.

Mainstream medicine may have shrugged off Rudman’s research but a young doctor of osteopathy by the name of Ronald Klatz saw it as a launching pad for fame, fortune, and worldwide recognition. Teaming up with medical authoress Carol Kahn, Klatz published his best seller, “Grow Young With HGH” in May of 1997. It was the book that launched a thousand anti-aging startup medical practices.

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