Oratropin Profile

Oratropin Profile

Summary: Oratropin is the only non-injected form of IGF-I (Insulin Like Growth Factor) that is actually available to the body. Every other dietary supplement that claims to have IGF is a waste because it can not survive the digestive system and therefore is not actually used by your body. Oratropin uses the newest anti-viral technology coupled with adhesive peptide technology so that it actually does no go through the digestive tract but is absorbed through the skin on the inside of the cheeks. Oratropin is therefore the only FDA approved, and legal form of IGF for human consumption that actually works.

Cell-Mediated™ IGF-1
(for oral use)
100% Bioavailability, Orally Active, Sustained 24-48 hours
Each kit contains:
1200mcg Cell-Mediated™ IGF-1
15 individually sealed oral syringes for ease in daily dosing,
no measurements, no hassles.
Each oral syringe contains:
80mcg Cell-Mediated™ IGF-1
sustained 24-48 hrs
0.5 cc’s (0.661g) Oratropin-1™

Benefits of IGF-1 Supplementation

There are many functionalities of IGF-1 in the human body including increased amino acid transport to cells, increased glucose transport, increased protein synthesis, decreased protein degradation and increased RNA synthesis. Active IGF-1 responds differently in different types of tissues. The key area of interest in IGF-1 studies is new muscle cell generation. In early human developmental phases, IGF-1 is responsible for the natural muscle growth that occurs. One response relative to muscle growth is the effective stimulation of muscle cell proteins and associated cell components. One of the most definitive effects of IGF-1 supplementation is its ability to cause hyperplasia. Hyperplasia is the actual splitting of cells which signifies actual muscle cell replication.

In adulthood, we reach a plateau in muscle cell count. Weight training will effectively increase the size of these pre-existing cells but still will have its limitations in effective muscle gain. IGF-1 supplementation will actually increase the number of muscle cells present in the tissue. Throughout active muscle training combined with IGF-1 supplementation, you can create the added benefit of larger, increased muscle cell counts. So in a way you are able to manipulate your genetic capabilities in relation to muscle tissue and cell generation. IGF-1 will distinctively define the number of various types of cells present in the body. On a genetic level it has the potential to alter your capacity to build superior muscle density and design.

When IGF-1 levels are increased, protein synthesis is increased along with amino acid absorption. IGF-1 will function as a source of energy and mobilize fat for use as energy in adipose tissue. IGF-1 response within lean tissue will prevent insulin from transporting glucose across cell membranes. The result of this activity will be a switch within the cells to burning fat as a source of energy, therefore causing significant fat cell decrease.

Although we have focused more on muscle cell development benefits and fat loss, there are many more cell growth and regeneration benefits IGF-1 has to offer including vital organ repair and growth, repair of injured nerve and muscle tissue, reduced cholesterol and normalized blood pressure, immune system strengthening, anti-aging benefits due to DNA damage repair and overall body repair leaving a new found vitality.

How the delivery system works

Simple Definition, is just like a viral delivery.
The IGF-I is enclosed in an antivirus capsule, which essentially the outer capsule of a virus that contains no actual viral DNA or RNA so it is completely safe. The Antivirus used has been engineered to contain special peptides on it that actually act like an adhesive glue to certain cells in your mouth. These peptides are very important because by adhering to the mucosal cells in your mouth they ensure that the antivirus can inject the IGF-I into your cells. The antivirus signals the lipid membrane to open protein channels that actually take the peptide into the cell. Once in the cells the mucosal adhesion peptides are broken off from the peptide we added whether it be IGF, GHRP-6 or whatever. The peptide is now free to be release through the lymphatic system in its biological active form. This means it is carried throughout the blood stream directly from the cells in your mouth. So there is no sudden spike of IGF-I your own cells actually regulate its release. It never reaches any digestive enzymes or acids beyond that of the mucus in your moth which is actually at about the same pH used to store IGF in acetic acid, so claiming that it’s broken down here is ridiculous. The transport of the peptide to the lymphatic system is what results in a slower more controlled release of the peptide over time.
For those who would like a visual. Take this image for instance, The DNA the green strand here would represent the peptide we are delivering and the blue dots would represent the adhesive peptides that signal the cell to take in the peptide. One the peptide is inside the cell it is separated from the adhesive part by the cell and your left with the peptide you wanted. In this case the green is IGF.

The IGF can then be released into the blood stream and used throughout the body. It does not actually go into the nucleus like this picture shows.

Important things to note:
Take at least 1 hour after eating anything and allow at least 30 minutes after administration before eating or drinking anything else. This goes for brushyour your teeth as well guys. I have read of people brushing their teeth right b4 oratropin usage. This is going to hinder absorption sigificantly, trust me. You dont want to induce any salvatatory response. And you don’t want to alter the pH or lipid levels of the inside of the mouth. Please allow 30 minute b/t brushing and administration.

take out the oral syringe and squirt it in the mouth inside the cheek. you can split the dose up half on one side and half at the other. The less swishing you have to do in your mouth the better b/c swishing educes the release of saliva from the glands in your mouth. Now once you have it along the sides of your cheeks. FORGET ITS THERE. Try no to think about something in your mouth try not to play with it. This will also induce saliva excretion.

Here is a image of the where the oral mucosa cells are (the tongue is not one of them)

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