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Results from a randomized phase II clinical study in the first-line treatment of advanced breast cancer in postmenopausal women suggest Aromasin (exemestane tablets) has a higher response rate when compared to tamoxifen. Response rate is a measurement of how effective the treatments are in shrinking the tumor.

Additionally, the study suggests Aromasin has no adverse effect on blood lipid levels, an important consideration for postmenopausal women who, by virtue of their age, are at an increased risk for developing cardiovascular disease. The data was presented today at the American Society for Clinical Oncology (ASCO) annual meeting in San Francisco.

“These findings are very promising. Exemestane demonstrated high activity as an investigational agent in the first-line treatment of breast cancer,” explained Caroline Lohrisch, MD, Research Fellow, Investigational Drug Branch for Breast Cancer, European Organization for Research and Treatment of Cancer (EORTC), the organization that conducted the clinical trial. “Given the strength of these findings we have expanded this study into a Phase III trial, which will allow formal comparison of tamoxifen and exemestane.”

The study randomized postmenopausal women with advanced breast cancer to either Aromasin (25 mg/day) or tamoxifen (20 mg/day). Of the 122 randomized patients, data are available on 109 for tumor response and 117 for tolerability. The results indicate that patients treated with Aromasin had three times the response rate (complete plus partial responses) in shrinking tumors (44.6 percent vs. 14.3 percent) relative to tamoxifen-treated patients. All responses have been independently reviewed by a third-party.

A sub-study of this trial examined the effect of Aromasin and tamoxifen on triglycerides, HDL and total cholesterol by measuring serum levels of the 122 women (62 Aromasin, 60 tamoxifen) before and during therapy. In general, after 24 weeks, the majority of patients with normal baseline triglyceride or HDL levels experienced no clinically relevant changes in these values. After 24 weeks, women with normal triglyceride levels at baseline (Aromasin 33, tamoxifen 27), experienced a decrease of 20 percent or greater in triglyceride levels in 36 percent and 15 percent patients treated with Aromasin and tamoxifen, respectively.

Dr. Lohrisch continues, “Early results of this sub-study, of a limited number of patients, suggest that exemestane has no negative effect on triglycerides and HDL cholesterol, which is the good cholesterol.

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How to get rid of gyno using Letrozole in Bodybuilders

How to get rid of gyno using Letrozole in Bodybuilders

I am posting this Gyno Article to help answer all of the questions regarding gyno prevention and reversal, the use of letrozole and other anti-e’s. I will go over everything in very simple easy to understand language. Also we are talking about estrogen gyno here, not progesterone (but using letro will stop progesterone related problems as well since it inhibits all estrogen anyways). Progesterone gyno will be enlargement of your nipple area, the actual aereola, not a lump under it.

To first understand why you are doing what you are doing I am going to go over a few things and a few definitions:

SERM – Selective estrogen receptor modulator. These drugs work by binding to the estrogen receptors and flooding them in a sense, making it difficult (but not impossible by any means) for estrogen to bind to the receptors and thus prevent the onset of estrogen related side effects.
Most common forms:
Tamoxifen (Nolvadex),
Clomiphene (Clomid)

AI – Aromatase Inhibitor. These drugs work by inhibiting the aromatization of estrogen. This means that in effect AI’s prevent androgens from converting to estrogen, again, making it difficult (but not impossible) for estrogen to reach receptor sites.
Most common forms:
Anastrozole (l-dex, a-dex),
Exemestane (aromasin),
Femera (letrozole).
For our purpose of reversing gyno we are interested in Letro.

Letro and your sex drive:
Letrozole will suppress your sex drive. This is another reason why it is so important to act on preventing gyno as soon as possible. Since we all know that Test should be run in every cycle this will cancel out the effect of sex drive suppression.

Running letrozole to prevent gyno:
If you decide to run estrogen protection while on cycle (and I suggest you do unless you are aware that you do not require it), you can run either a SERM or an AI. Letro will be the most powerful AI you can use, it will inhibit 98+% of estrogen using a dose as low as .25mg and even lower. This is why I suggest you do not use a dose higher than .50mg while on cycle just trying to prevent estrogen related side effects.

You will want to start running the letro approximately 2 weeks before you begin your cycle to allow it to fully stabilize in your blood. I have often heard the argument that letro takes up to 60 days to stabilize, I don’t know if I buy into this for the reason that I have reversed gyno after using letro for only 1 week. Still to be safe I recommend starting it before your cycle as stated above.

If you do decide to run letro there is absolutely no need to run another AI or SERM. Do not make the mistake of thinking more is better. Think of it this way; if letro is preventing the conversion of androgens to estrogen than there is no estrogen, what would the purpose of a SERM be when there is no estrogen to bind to the receptors? Nolva will only take away from the effectiveness of letro.

It is very important that you begin taking letrozole immediately, the longer your wait the more risk you take in not being able to reverse it.

How do I know if I have gyno?
If you have developed gyno you will have a lump behind your nipple. It will be fairly hard, and it will be tender to touch.

Running letro to reverse gyno:
I am going to go over the three different scenarios which people could fit into. Remember regardless of what scenario you are in it is important that you begin taking the letro ASAP.

1. Already using an anti-e aside from letrozole.

2. Already using letro @ a dose of .25mg or .50mg ED.

3. Not running any estrogen protection.

Day 1: .25mg Letro + anti-e*
Day 2: .50mg Letro
Day 3: 1.0mg Letro
Day 4: 1.5mg Letro
Day 5: 2.0mg Letro
Day 6: 2.5mg Letro **

Day 1: .50mg Letro
Day 2: 1.0mg Letro
Day 3: 1.5mg Letro
Day 4: 2.0mg Letro
Day 5: 2.5mg Letro **

Day 1: .50mg Letro
Day 2: 1.0mg Letro
Day 3: 1.5mg Letro
Day 4: 2.0mg Letro
Day 5: 2.5mg Letro **

*Regardless of the anti-e you are using it is important to still use it for the first day you begin letro as the letro will not have taken any effect and you by no means want your body to be without any protection when gyno is already prevalent.

** You will remain at this dose until gyno symptoms subside. Once you believe your gyno is gone it is important to stay at this dose for another 4-7 days to ensure all traces are gone. I recommend people with a bf% over 15 stay on for a week as it may be harder to judge completely whether the lump is completely gone. Once this period is over it will be important to taper letro down slowly rather than coming off it completely. Regardless of which manner you tapered up your dose you will all taper down in the same fashion.

Day 1: 2.0mg
Day 2: 1.5mg
Day 3: 1.0mg
Day 4: .50mg***
Day 5: .25mg
***You can remain at this dose or go down further to .25mg. It is really up to you at this point. They are both very common maintenance doses as an anti-e while on cycle. Personally I have stayed with .25mg and never had a problem.

Letro and the estrogen rebound:
With your estrogen being completely inhibited there is a definite estrogen rebound as your body tries to re-stabilize the testosterone/estrogen balance. We can prevent this rebound effect by supplementing further with another AI or SERM. So, I suggest that when you are coming to the end of your cycle you will more than likely be using Nolva in your PCT so just make sure that you begin taking nolva the last day you are going to take your letro and then continue on as you would with regular PCT.

This now leads us into the question of reversing gyno while not on cycle. There are a few things to remember here. You have already waited longer than you should have, and your sex drive will be shot. You can use Tribulus 1000mg or another natural Testosterone Booster to help you in this scenario but I can’t guarantee the effectiveness. Just follow gyno reversal protocols 2 or 3. When coming off again you must taper and begin using nolvadex to prevent any rebound effect that may occur.

How much nolvadex should you use if you are not going into PCT and running this off cycle? I suggest starting at 20mg ED for a week and then lowering it to 10mg for another week and then coming off completely.
written by C_Bino

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