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Basic guide to GHRP/GHRH Peptides

The newest supplement to be used by Bodybuilders are Peptides that naturally release GH from the body, the problem is that many make it all to confusing much more than it needs to be so i thought it would be a good article to write to try and clear some of the confusion on the subject.
if you prefer the science and long boring words to describe things this article is not for you :) so here is a very basic guide, it does not contain any real detail to the science behind the need etc……

you need to look at 2 peptides:
GHRP – this group’s main types are GHRP-2, GHRP-6, Ipamorelin (there are others but these are the most common and effective)
GHRH – this groups main type is Mod GRF 1-29 (sometimes called CJC1295 without DAC)

What do they do:
They release and amplify a natural pulse of GH from your body
GHRP release a pulse of GH
GHRH amplify this pulse
Combining both peptides gives more than double the effect of either alone due to the synergy they have it would be foolish in my opinion to use either alone.

Which GHRP to choose:
GHRP-6 is sloppy in that it activates a wider array of effects beyond GH release. It causes intense hunger and gastic motility. It can have a mild effect on cortisol and prolactin. It is a first generation GHRP.

GHRP-2 is less sloppy with a more intense GH release, no gastric motility and less hunger effect. It can have an effect within the normal range on prolcatin and cortisol. It is a second generation peptide.

Ipamorelin is not sloppy at all. It does not release as much GH as GHRP-2 but it causes virtually no hunger or gastric motility and for the most part does not effect cortisol or prolactin. It is a third generation peptide

You would choose GHRP-2 unless you wanted GHRP-6 for the hunger effect or for the lower release profiles.

You would choose GHRP-2 normally as the most bang for the buck.

If you are very sensitive to perturbations in cortisol or prolactin you would choose the more expensive Ipamorelin.

What GHRH to use?

all CJC started off as Mod GRF the differences between these is half life this makes some useless for us to use.
CJC1293 is the shortest at 5minutes this is destroyed by the body before it can do anything
CJC1295 DAC is approx several days this immitates the female GH pattern called Bleed this is not what you want at all.
CJC1295 w/o DAC is approx 30min this is MOD GRF 1-29 and this is what should be used.

in my opinion w/o DAC is better as it acts in synergy with the GHRP which creates a pulse, the longer acting with DAC creates a constant bleed of GH so acts differently to the peptide(GHRP) you are using alongside it.

Reconstituting the peptides:
GHRP (apart from Ipamorelin which comes in 2mg vial reffer to GHRH mixing) normally comes in 5mg vials.
5000mcg(5mg) per vial
Add 2ml bac water in vial
4iu (2 small ticks) on a standard 100iu(1ml) insulin pin gives 100mcg

GHRH should come in 2mg vials (due to lowered half life of peptide)
2000mcg(2mg) per vial
Add 2ml of BAC water to vial
Each 10iu on a standard 100iu(1ml) insulin pin will give 100mcg

Peptide Storage:
Store the powder in the freezer if unmixed but once mixed with Bac water store in a fridge for best results(life of product) although can be stored in a cool place away from sunlight.

Peptide Dosing:
saturation dose is 1mcg per kg so normal dose is 100mcg for each 3 -5 times a day (you can use higher but double the dose will not give double the results)

Common injection times:
Before meal 1
B4 Bed
Make sure to leave 2-3hrs between jabs, results depend on frequency not dose so jabbing 100mcg 3 x daily will give better results than 300mcg once per day

Decision Matrix for you:
Are you primarily trying to lose fat or gain muscle?

lose fat
If lose fat reserve more of the Mod GRF(1-29)/GHRP for the fatloss time period (i.e. fasted cardio; part of the day when calories are lower then the energy demand for the activity during that period; pre-weight workout IF that workout is designed to be a fatloss workout; or simply earlier in the day when there is more time to make use of liberated fatty acids)
Possible dosing scheme – Morning/Midday/PWO

gain muscle
If gain muscle reserve more of the Mod GRF(1-29)/GHRP for around the weight workout and in the period that follows.
Possible dosing schemes – Morning/Pre-WO/Bed; Morning/PWO/Bed; Pre-WO/Bed/Middle of night; Morning/PWO/Middle of night; PWO/Morning/Midday

Can be injected IM or SubQ

don’t eat Carbs or fats approx 1hr before the jab or 15-20 min after the Jab as this blunts the GH pulse, Protein is fine.

Additions (these are not required for good results and should be used by the advanced BB):
Adding 2-3iu of GH 15-20 minutes after peptides will give a bigger overall pulse of GH (natural + synthetic)
Adding Insulin to peptides will give you the same type of results as adding it to GH

To Summarize:
What do I do?

Step one: You NEVER know when somatostatin is going to act, Again since you don’t know if somatostatin is around you are rolling the dice by injecting GHRH. There will be zero GH release if somatostatin is around and only some if somatostatin is just starting up or just diminishing. Only if you are lucky to inject when somatostatin is gone will there be decent GH release. To overcome this, very large amounts say 2mg (2000mcg) are sometimes used. Injecting GHRH alone is not very effective.

Step two: Choose a GHRP because it can always cause GH release on its own and make the environment safe for GHRH.

Step three: Choose a GHRH to add to the GHRP because it will synergistic amplify the GH pulse.

Step four: Choose a dosing schedule. If once a day do it pre-bed. If twice a day then do it pre-bed and post workout (PWO). If three times a day do it pre-bed, PWO and in the morning.
How many times can I dose before I lose pulsation? Six (6) a day every 3 hours, How few times can I do it for some better sleep, small anti-aging effect? Just pre-bed.

Step five: Assess tolerance by dosing just once w/ a GHRP pre-bed at half of saturation dose. Then if that goes well go to full saturation dose. If that goes well add a 2nd dosing, If that is fine add a third dosing.

Step six: Decide on a dose. Saturation dose is defined as either 100mcg or 1mcg/kg of bodyweight in the studies. For the most part it is treated as 100mcg. That is the same for women and men. You will get added but diminishing benefit by dosing 200mcg, 300mcg perhaps 400mcg.

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