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Reconstituting and Measuring bodybuilding Peptides

Reconstituting and Measuring Peptides

Seems this question comes up a lot and have also received PM’s on it so might be worth laying it out in one post as below.

Firstly it’s a good idea to use an alcohol swab to clean the nipples of both your vial of peptide and dilutent before reconstituting.

Most bodybuilding peptides (HGH, MGF, GHRP, HCG) can be reconstituted with sterile water or more commonly with Bacteriostatic Water (BW) which is sterile water with 0.9% Benzyl Alcohol added and maximizes shelf life. BW is readily available and preferred. Some HGH comes with water provided but best to discard this and use BW as generally the supplied water is intended for single use application only.

One important exclusion to the above is IGF. IGF requires reconstituting with 0.6% Acetic Acid (AA) or 10 mM HCl. 0.6% AA provides the maximum shelf life for the product and is preferred.

Before reconstituting we need to determine how much dilutent to add to the bodybuilding peptide. This will vary upon your own preference for measuring the amount for injection of the reconstituted hormone. I will add at the bottom of this post a guide for this purpose.

So we now have our bodybuilding peptide in a lyophilized powder form and our intended dilutent so let’s reconstitute it. Using a regular 3cc pin with 23-25 gauge needle draw up your required dilutent amount and proceed to add it to the vial with your lyophilized powder. This process needs to be done with care as the bodybuilding peptide are relatively unstable. I suggest tilting the vial on a roughly 45 degree angle and very gently adding in the dilutent allowing it to slowly trickle down the side of the vial and then reaching the lyophilized powder at which time it should dissolve into the dilutent. DO NOT squirt your dilutent directly into the vial or onto the lyophilized powder. It might not fully dissolve so again very gently swirl the vial in one direction only until you have a good mix. DO NOT shake the vial or agitate it violently in any way during this process as again this could conceivably degrade your peptide.

Most peptide injections are done using an insulin syringe. Measurements on these are in International Units (iu’s). This is a measurement of the biological effect and applied to your hormone as a standard accepted “Internationally” but don’t get too hung up on that excepting to know it can be applied with surety to your peptides.

So if your using a U100 insulin syringe this means 1iu is 1/100th of a ml or 1ml = 100iu’s. bodybuilding peptides  are generally packaged and labeled in terms of micrograms (mcg’s) which is 1/1000 of a milligram. So 1mg = 1000mcg’s.

Let’s use an example where you have 1mg of peptide which is reasonably common. This then means you have 1000mcgs of that peptide. If you add 1ml of dilutent to that you now have a solution that will provide you with 10mcg’s per IU. If you add 2mls of dilutent your solution becomes 5mcgs per 1iu and so on. Here is a chart for quick reference:

1000mcg/1mL = 10 mcg per IU
1000mcg/2mL = 5.0 mcg per IU
1000mcg/3mL = 3.3 mcg per IU
1000mcg/4mL = 2.5 mcg per IU

Going from above if you have a 2mg vial of lyophilized powder then the equations changes by a multiple of 2 as below:

2000mcg/1mL = 20 mcg per IU
2000mcg/2mL = 10 mcg per IU
2000mcg/3mL = 6.6 mcg per IU
2000mcg/4mL = 5 mcg per IU

A simple reference to refer back to is the following:

Peptide amount in mcgs / dilutent volume in ml/100 = mcg per IU

Should probably add in here with HGH specifically it is often shipped in kits/vials labelled as 5 or 10iu’s per vial rather than in micrograms. The calculations are the same but to expand on this if you have a 10iu vial of HGH and add 1ml of BW to it you now have in solution with 10iu’s per 1ml. We know from our previous calculations that a U100 insulin syringe holds 1ml of liquid. So to measure your HGH in this example divide the total amount of dilutent by the total IU’s of HGH and what we get is 1iu of HGH each 10 tick on the insulin syringe. Chart again below for easier reference:

1ml = 100 IU’s

100 IU (amount of dilutent) / 10 IU (amount of HGH) = 10 for each IU of HGH

If adding 2mls BW:

200 IU / 10 IU = 20

Most bodybuilding peptide injections are done subcutaneously (sub-q) but can also be done intramuscularly (IM). IGF is again the exception here as this peptide should be injected IM otherwise I prefer sub-q for most others.

All bodybuilding peptide should be stored in the refrigerator once reconstituted to ensure maximum shelf life and this does vary. HGH and HCG are typically good for up to 30 days whereas IGF is good for up to 2 years. Keep them away from direct sunlight at all times.

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Benefits of stacking peptides with AAS

Firstly, its common practice today to do cycles of Pro-hormones, these convert into Active steroids in the human body, Designer steroids which are already active and designed to give to the benefits of steroids with less of the sides, (Doesn’t mean they do) And the well known AAS. Test, Deca, Tren, Winny, Dbol, Anadarol, Anavar, Equipoise, and others…

These synthetically increase the amount of testosterone in the body leading to greater mass…faster recovery, increased appetite in some cases or decreased like in Anavars… Steroids add mass, there is no doubt, and if you eat well, train hard, get rest, and do a proper pct the gains can be kept.. but there is an aid that you might all be over looking – ADD IN PEPTIDES!!!

Peptides like GHRP-6, CJC, Ipamorelin and others like MGF and IGF can offer real benefits to a steroid user, perhaps even allowing less steroid to be used for the same results.

GHRP-S like GHRP-6 offer stimulated appetite, greater GH levels.. so think faster recovery… and as we all know, increased GH leads to increased IGF.. injecting synthetic IGF doesnt work quite the same as when you raise your own levels through increasing GH..

Steroids increases IGF and lower Cortisol… These are 2 aspects in which you recieve some of the potential benefits from AAS.. adding a Growth hormone releasing peptide, increases IGF even more, and even though it will raise cortisol, because your using AAS that aspect is somewhat negated. Growth hormone releasing peptides can also help burn fat by increasing glycogenesis, which is when glucose molecules are added to chains of glycogen for storage,this allows for greater Glycogen uptake, and at the same time increases Lipolysisget a bigger leaner you… and the added GH can help prevent bad skin, often caused by AAS.

Greater IGF levels cause an increase in Hypertrophy of the muscle, and activation of satellite muscle cells allowing them to mature… The added Anabolic affect of the AAS and you can really change your physique in a very short period of time.

CJC increases IGF levels more dramatically than any other GHRH.. And if its used for short periods, no longer than 12 weeks, then it can really increase muscle mass at a dose of 2000mcg upwards a week. As a warning higher doses can cause drowsiness as it is a very usefull sleep aid for those suffering with insomnia in that it increases REM and Slow wave sleep. This is also your most Anabolic period of rest, during slow wave sleep, your body recovers and grows… something to keep in mind… being sleepy isnt always a bad thing.

If you are on a bulk… Hexarelin or GHRP-6 can increase hunger and appetite so much that its possible to add over a 1lb a day, Anyone who’s camped next to the refrigerator after a dose of either will know exactly what im talking about, as your craving for food makes you feel like a junky as you shake and perspire barely able to get the food in your mouth fast enough… A huge benefit if size is your goal.

So far we have really only looked at the advantages in brief detail at what peptides can do on cycle… but what about during pct?

PEPTIDES DURING post cycle recovery.

For me personally this is where Ipamorelin really comes into its own, As we all know during PCT cortisol wants to rocket, and as it increases it takes away some of your circulating free test, and trys to cause fat storage, Ipamorelin has little to no action on prolactin or cortisol.. 2 big enemies during PCT. ..And as as a unique peptide being able to cause a secondary release of gh about 6 hours after the first, its ideal to use at night… Many users are finding a 1000mcg shot right before bed, helps recovery and sleep no end and they wake feeling refreshed and dry.. not puffy as with other GHRP-S.
Increasing GH is very important during PCT as IGF levels are also declining, if your taking Nolva, then the decline can be even more dramatic, making it nearly impossible to add any muscle, and also really hampering your ability to maintain gains..
Here in this situation a fast acting GHRH like semorelin, and Ipamorelin, work together in tandem to increase GH and IGF levels systematically…
What’s you can increase muscle retention while still losing body fat.
I suggest increasing doses for the length of your pct… something like this….


This short burst cycle with increased doses,( you could always add in a midday dose around 2pm, but i personally prefer not too as i get drowsy at work.. but if thats not a problem then you could).. Really can help your PCT recovery no end.. some of my clients have even added size while losing fat during this period.. where lets face it normally the opposite occurs.

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